General Information

Conditions for participation

Regulations for the gym facilities

In all gym facilities of the Institute for Sport Sciences are only allowed trainers with light bottom. Outdoor worn shoes are strictly not allowed in the indoor gym facilities. For security (danger slippery surface/ wet floor) and hygienic reasons we ask you to use a towel during floor exercises. This applies mainly for our fitness and balance courses as well as for the weights room. Please tidy up the used equipment and leave the gym facilities neatly!

Park rules

Especially for the fitness classes we expect many participants. For experience parking problems are occurring during peak hours. We demand you to pay regard to our neighbors and to keep free the entrance and exit of the parking spaces as well as the emergency exits! The sporting facilities are very well accessible by the public bus services as well as by bike.

Risk of theft

In the facilities of the Institute there is unfortunately the risk of theft. Therefore we ask you not to leave your belongings (ID-cards and valuables) unattended. A great amount of daily lockers are available in the gym facility (Spo) in Alberstraße. Please bring your own lock!

Lost and found

Less valuable appearing lost properties can be found in a wired basket in each gym in front of the hallway to the gym and in the main building in the hallway to the ladies locker rooms. Valuable items can be picked up or handed in in the main building at Mr. Opsitaru or in the gym in Alberstraße at Mr. Habel.

Fitness and weights room

Our fitness and weights room offers a great variety of exercise machines including the cardio area, a generously equipped dumbbell area as well as a boulder wall which slope is adjustable and a climbing tower of approximately 8m height. During the opening hours the gym is accessible for the open training hours for students and employees of the University of Tübingen (please refer for opening hours and regulations of fees to the semester program). For the free training you need an entrance authorization. The fitness and weights room is opened throughout the year, except for cleaning and maintenance weeks.

Wood shavings track

A 500m circle track is at disposal for individual runners training in front of the University gym in Alberstraße. It’s illuminated and contains light rises and accordingly downward slopes. Its covering is made of acutely peeled tree bark pieces mixed with peat which gives it a forest soil character. After use please clean accurately your shoes before entering the changing rooms. On Saturday evening and Sunday the wood shavings track is not accessible. For use of the wood shavings track a “Track-Karte” has to be bought.

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