* Students of the University of Tübingen are covered by law during their participation in the official College Sports program –under guidance and surveillance. This also applies to external activities (excursions) both at home and abroad.
 * Students are as well covered on their way to the activities. Free choice of transportation means.
*The insurance does not cover autonomous sport activities without a College Sports trainer (offer without guidance).

External students  
* External students are only covered during activities of their home institution. The participation in activities of other universities is not covered.
* Employees and operatives of the University are normally covered during their participation in College Sports by the convention of insurance-protection for company fitness programs. This convention applies only partially. For example it does not apply to competitive sports and excursions.
* During excursions or regarding offers for competitors one has to make sure autonomously that there is adequate insurance-protection.
Civil Servants
* Accidents during College Sports activities are not occupational accidents!

Guests/ Externals
* Guests/ Externals are in no case covered in case of sports accidents on the part of the University.

Note of accident
* Sports accidents must be documented in writing within three days on our blue form (Unfallanzeige). Forms are available in our office!

* The insurance-protection for students, employees, civil servants etc. does not include material damage or solatium.
* We therefore recommend every participant in College Sports to conclude private casualty insurance in case of damnifying third parties during the sport activities.
* Claims regarding theft, material or immaterial damage towards the University or any assigned personal are explicitly excluded.

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Unfallanzeige (Studierende)



Unfallanzeige (Bedienstete)
Unfallanzeige (Studierende)